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10 Things You Must Do Before Getting Married

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

So many people get caught up in the mad rush to meet 'The One' and get married but there are some things you should take your time with prior to setting a date. There are many things we could be doing in the meantime to make sure that when the time comes to say 'I Do' we are more ready than ever to ride the highs and lows together and make it a long lasting and forever marriage which is ultimately what we're all seeking.

I think that every couple should have a pre-marital bucket list which is as follows:

1. Have an argument

You may think I've lost my marbles but believe it or not, it's completely healthy to have a disagreement with your partner. It's important to have lots of disagreements prior to setting your date. The reason being is that it's through the rows, disagreements and arguments that you learn what the other likes and dislikes. You listen and learn from each other and ultimately grow together, becoming a stronger unit. It's good to know that whatever life throws at you, you can get through it together.

2. Learn how to say sorry

We've all been there, we might have had a tough day at work or a stressful day with the family, then your partner comes home and does the smallest thing yet it really irritates you! Well, it's in these instances that we need to be able to recognize when we're in the wrong and apologize. It means disagreements are over and done with quickly and it shows maturity and gains respect.

3. Trust each other implicitly

If there is any insecurity, the answer isn't to get married, not just yet anyway. Spend time working though your issues, listen to each other and help each other through it. Doing so will provide you both with stability knowing that your partner can love you at your worst. There's no doubt that you'll both be so much happier in the long run.

4. Find out why you want to get married

Ask yourself why it is you want to get married. Is it because you love your partner and want to spend the rest of your life with them? Are you willing to go through the tough times together or do you just love the idea of feeling like a princess for the day, wearing that spectacular gown and throwing a party to remember? Be brutally honest with yourself, if the answer is the latter then you may need to rethink your plans.

5. Live together

You need to live together prior to getting married, even if it's just for a fortnight. We all have our little habits like leaving the lid off the toothpaste, leaving the toilet seat up or leaving the tea towel on the side and not hanging it up!!!!! We've all been there! Can you put up with your partners nasty habits? You definitely need to find out prior to setting your date.

6. Travel together

If your plans after marriage are to settle down and start a family, utilise this time to spend quality time together. Visit amazing places and create long lasting memories. You'll need to reflect on these times when you're going through the hard times.

7. Create a sacred box

Now, everyone goes through hardship so why not write a love letter to each other and place it into a box along with a bottle of wine. Make sure you open it in the midst of your first argument after getting married to remind you of the reasons why you married each other and to bring back all those great memories.

8. Talk through your finances

Believe it or not, money is one of the most common causes for rows in a relationship. Make sure you discuss your finances in fine detail.

9. Talk babies

This can be just as important as talking through your finances. You need to make sure you’re on the same page with this one.

10. Create a bucket list

Life can sometimes take over and if you let it, it can become very stressful so make sure you prepare for this. Why not write up a bucket list for when you're married to inject a little fun and excitement into your married lives. Some bucket lists can take a lifetime to complete so it will mean you always have something exciting to look forward to.

So, there you have it. Your pre-marital bucket list for a long lasting and forever marriage.

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